How provinces can help local governments in Pakistan!

By Syed Aman
Establish an “office of local governance assistance” (OLGA)

Provinces are empowered as per Pakistan constitution to implement local governance. There are two key areas where provinces can make this process efficient and transparent. The first is for provinces to establish an “office of local governance assistance (OLGA)” which must incorporate technocrats, city planners, financial planners, infrastructure engineers, government experts, and sociologists to provide technical and financial assistance to local governments.
OLGA must be transparent
OLGA must remove politics out of their functional responsibility and instead work diligently in bringing clean and effective local governance in every part of the province. The second important area is for the province to develop a local government charter model guide based on the size of each community (small, medium, or large)  which will allow local governments to adopt their charter and outline specific rules , responsibilities, and their governance structure. The province “guide” for local governance should be detailed enough to provide certain directions for communities such as mayor-council form of governance or mayor-council-manager form of governance.
About Syed Aman
Syed Aman is a city planner with over 35 yrs of city planning and local government experience in the United States. Syed earned an M.S. in City Planning and has numerous publications on diversified planning subjects. Syed is also the founder of actionpakistan thinktank and has a keen interest in offering solutions on governance in Pakistan with a special interest in local governance.

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